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Documentary Requirements

To make your property purchasing experience hassle-free and to ensure that you are on top of everything, knowing all the documentary requirements is a must. Prepare all documentary requirements before hand for a stress-free home buying experience.


  • Signed Combined ProForma Reservation Agreement (CPRA)  [free of erasure]
  • Signed Buyer’s Information Sheet (BIS)
  • Signed Floor Plan (updated)
  • Government  valid ID with clear signature and picture
  • TIN ID or any ID with TIN
  • Proof of Billing  (POB)
  • Passport (if foreigner)
  • Reservation Fee (checks; cash; swipe and remittance)
  • Post Dated Checks (PDC) [at least 12 PDC’s]
  • Age Disclosure


Additional Conditional Requirements

If Corporate buyer:

Additional Requirements:

  • Corporate BIS
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • SEC Registration
  • Board Resolution
  • Secretary Certificate
  • CTC-Corporate/Passport of Representative
  • TIN ID or any id with TIN
  • Any proof of TIN of Company/corporate
  • POB of Company/Corporate

For JG Summit Employee

  • Employee Disclosure
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Company ID

For Commercial 

  • Commercial Disclosure

For Minor Buyer

  • Original affidavit of Parents (notarized)
  • BIS of parents/Representatives
  • Valid ID’s of Parents / Representative


If with Attorney in Fact

  • Notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA, original)
  • Valid ID’s of Attorney in Fact


If Purchase by Separate Property (spouses)

  • Notarized Affidavit of Paraphernal Property (original) with Marriage Certificate
  • Valid IDs with clear signature of spouses


If Unit with Parking Slot

  • *Separate CPRA

If with co-buyer

  • *Should sign in CPRA and Floor Plan / Separate BIS

*Same initial requirements

If Lease to Own (TERMS)

  • Lease to own contract (pre-approved)

If Bank tie Up (TERMS)

  • Disclosure (pre-approved)
  • Bank application form and required documents of bank
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